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Law of Attraction Changed My Life

Wired For Wealth | How I've Increased My Income x 10


I'm so scared & nervous to share this with you, as Brits we are taught not to talk about money but with all the work I've been doing on money mindset over the past year it's impossible not to. Also, why SHOULDN'T we talk about money and share what works for us? That right there is a money block.

I've always been so transparent with you guys, from when I started this podcast pregnant & living off savings as my salon closed in the pandemic. I will never forget the fear of having three children with NO money & two mortgages. But a year later I think I'm about to have my first £50k month which is WILD. Honestly, its as wild to me as it is you. But - here's the but, I know it is truly down to the work I've done this year and I'm SO excited to share all I have learnt with you.

My BRAND NEW Manifesting Money Workshop is now LIVE and you can book your ticket here: https://lawofattractionchangedmylife.bigcartel.com/product/3-week-manifesting-money-workshop-includes-replay

It will have three live streams starting from Friday 21st January (replay is available, you don't have to watch live) as well as exercises to do each week. These tools could literally change your life and finances forever. I hope you can see from me being open about my own finances how this has changed my life.

If you want to book onto the New Years Goals workshop on New Years Day (again, replay is available, you don't have to watch live) the early bird price finishes TODAY! You can book your ticket here: https://lawofattractionchangedmylife.bigcartel.com/product/2022-goal-planning-workshop

Come find me on Instagram at:


Thank you so much & have a lovely Christmas.

Fran x

Join me for a new year's day goal setting workshop here:  https://my.bigcartel.com/products/84790662/edit

If you can't make the live stream, you can still watch the replay after, at a time to suit you.  

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