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Life, Interrupted with Simon Thomas

Libby Scott


Libby Scott is fourteen years old. She loves hot chocolate, Taylor Swift and lives in Kent with her family.
Her dad is a musician and Libby's mum is an education consultant and conference speaker.

Libby is also autistic. For many years, it was a battle for her to understand herself and for her family and friends to understand her.
Following an autism diagnosis, Libby was finally able to understand herself better and express how she felt.

In 2018, her mum Kim, decided to share a piece of Libby's writing online. The piece went viral and was liked and retweeted thousands of times.

The next year she wrote her first book with co-writer Rebecca Wescott. It is called "Can You See Me", a story about an autistic girl called Tally who tries to navigate school and her social life.

Now fourteen, Libby is publishing her third book called "Ways To Be Me", which focuses on the process of getting a diagnosis. It's a brilliant and extraordinary book that not only will help many people understand autism better, but one that will give hope and perhaps more importantly, a voice to others with autism.

Libby is a remarkable young lady. And it was a great honor for her and her mum Kim to join me on this episode of Life Interrupted.

If you have been through life events similar to those described in this episode and you need someone to talk to, please contact The Samaritans, on 116 123

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