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Episode 351 - Oracle at the Center

Living Myth
Living Myth

This episode begins with the ancient axiom inscribed at the Oracle of Delphi: Know Thyself. In Greek mythology Delphi was known as the “navel of the world,” the center and womb from which life as well as inspiration comes. Like many ancient practices, seeking guidance from the oracle also involved a ritual process of being made anew by connecting to the center and the origins of life.

Ancient people went to the oracular center when they were stuck in life or felt overwhelmed by conflicts, loss or tragedy. In many ways, we find ourselves in a collective condition of conflicts and overwhelm that also requires guidance, wisdom and oracular truth.

Michael Meade explores connections between the ancient symbolic center and the deep self-center in each person, which can also be oracular. The deep self and soul within each person can speak in the form of big dreams, sudden realizations and moments of awakening that can reveal guiding visions and inner truths.

Seen that way, to “know thyself” can mean to know that there is medicine within you, that each soul is connected to the womb of the earth, to archetypal sources of wisdom and to the capacity to renew by touching the origins of life.

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