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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Busting Your Holiday Excuses


Are you freaking out about the holidays? Afraid you'll eat your face off because that's what you do year after year?

This often happens because we go into the holidays...

  • Worried about what people will think of our home, our body, or our weight.
  • Fearing food because we've restricted so much on a diet that we have zero practice around some of our favorite foods.
  • Thinking some foods are "bad," and the moment we eat something we love, we start spiraling in shame (which causes you to say fuck it and wait for January 1 to get your shit together).

Am I the only one sick and tired of spending the holidays in worry, shame, or defeat?

Well, It doesn't have to be that way.

One of the things I teach my No BS Women is they get to decide if they are going to gain, maintain or lose weight during the holidays.

You heard that right. You don't have to lose weight if you don't want to. But you also don't have to go facedown in Grandma's chess pie either.

This podcast is a small part of a class I taught my members. I wanted you to have it so you can feel something better than afraid, unsure, and overwhelmed during the holidays.

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