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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Losing Weight & Afraid of Regaining It


When I lost 100lbs, you'd think I'd be over the moon ecstatic.

There were moments I was thrilled. Don't get me wrong. LOL

Tucking my shirt in was awesome. Shopping in the regular stores blew my mind. Picking up a medium shirt and having it fit was better than any dessert I'd ever eaten.

But there were not enough shopping and getting dressed opportunities to quiet my fears of regaining my weight.

I'd never kept my weight off. I blamed it on being too happy or getting cocky.

But that wasn't the problem.

The problem was I didn't realize how much time I spent in my mind allowing myself to be TERRIFIED of weight gain. And when I was scared, I obsessed over the scale.

If it went up at all, I would convince myself something was wrong. I needed to workout more or eat less.

Even though I lost weight by making small changes, my brain got super irrational when I hit goal because I was so afraid I would gain my weight back.

Irrational thinking leads to irrational actions. Things like trying to skip a meal if I felt the last one "wasn't good enough." Or working out a little longer the day after having a "treat."

Luckily I caught this. I noticed that I was trying to keep my weight off from fear. Losing weight should've made me proud and confident, but I noticed my feelings didn't match my expectations.

This was when I knew I didn't need to let myself stay afraid and react to it.

I needed one simple thing:


Losing weight triggered a new level of insecurities in me, and that was a good thing. The more you find bullshit thinking, the more you find a path to thinking better about yourself.

In today's podcast, I coach some women on...

Finding confidence in maintenance (versus worrying the shit out of yourself that you'll gain weight).

How to love yourself and the process of weightloss so that it's easier to avoid all this maintenance fear once you lose your weight.

What to do if you want to have a good relationship with sugar or even drop sugar because of a health condition (because both are possible).

And what to do with scale anxiety as you lose weight.

Listen to Episode 250: Losing Weight & Afraid of Regaining It today.

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