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Eileen In Wexford Has The Funniest Hob-Nob Related Tale Ever Told

If you spotted the trail of crumbs left on social media, then you may have guessed that this week is all about celebrating the biscuit.
It's National Biscuit Week or Day or something along those lines.
So, in this spirit The Muireann O'Connell Show was chatting all about Ireland's love affair with the crunchy treats.
Little did we know it would inspire the greatest text we've ever received.
This led to us calling them back.
Behold, Eileen in Wexford and her hilarious Hob-Nob story.
Just press play and make sure you're not operating any machinery, believe us you'll be in stitches.

In other biscuit related news. Here is our Official Biscuit Map Of Ireland as voted by you guys:

This is The Official Biscuit Map Of Ireland according to listeners to @MuireannO_C show.
We asked people to tell us their County and their favourite biscuit.
Do you agree? Help us finish it! #NationalBiscuitDay pic.twitter.com/BPkrsumfV5
— Today FM (@TodayFM) May 29, 2019
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