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Meet The Woman Who Can Devour A Burrito In 44 SECONDS!

It’s lunchtime so what better time to chat about food!
Mairead Ronan is in for Muireann all this week and today she spoke to a woman who is a professional 'Competitive Eater.'
Her name is Leah 'Shuteater' Shutkever who is 29.
Not only has she the Official Guinness World Record for the fastest burrito eaten, she also holds the record for fastest Chocolate Orange!

Leah is also a fitness freak and sems to be able to burn off the calories pretty fast.
She says, "I have very little fat so nothing is pressing down on my stomach so it can expand for these challenges. It takes lots of practice and I'm good at it so I just want to get better."
Here she details how to approach a challenge and then proceeds to inhale A DOZEN KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS.

She has also cained a 40z burger called 'The Beast'

Tonight on Channel 4 is a film called ‘Battle of the Super Eaters: 3000 Calories a Minute’ which follows three competitive eaters.

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