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One Woman's Mission To Climb Croagh Patrick Like A Goat

Ellen and her boyfriend are heading to Westport this weekend for a romantic getaway – but she's swapping roses for rocks...the granite type. Discussing their trip West it was her partner Peter who suggested, "ah yeah let’s climb Croagh Patrick for the craic – and isn’t there a pub at the bottom for creamy pints”
He seems to think it'll be a breeze.
She wasn’t convinced. So, utilising her skills as an award winning journalist she took to the Internet to find out more...

Is Croagh Patrick .... hard? I thought little children and old people with no shoes on did it but then I read this TripAdvisor review and now I’m very afraid of what the weekend has in store for me pic.twitter.com/cnPdJWkQQB
— Ellen Coyne (@ellenmcoyne) May 8, 2019

She’s got lots of conflicting advice from “you have to be as sure footed as a goat” to “ah yeah no bother”
And what the hell is “The Cone!”
She is off to buy a high-vis and proper hiking boots – Peter her boyfriend is very blasé about the whole thing.
Ellen is still bringing the glam to Croagh Patrick as she's just got the nails done! Hopefully there won't be any heavy impact rock ascending!
She is doing all the research – he is very laid back – this could be a romantic comedy set on Croagh Patrick!
As she tells Muireann on TodayFM she may have to document her expedition to ensure her survival!
Watch this space we will be checking in with Ellen next week to see how she got on.
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