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PJ Gallagher Needs Some Feens And Beours For 'The Young Offenders'

[audio mp3="https://media.radiocms.net/uploads/2019/07/10123205/PJ-GALLAGHER-YOUNG-OFFENDERS-KIERAN-EXTRA-USE1.mp3"][/audio]
The stand up superhero who is also known as the ray off sunshine  Barry Walsh in The Young Offenders told Muireann about filming series two and the hunt for extras to take part.
The lads are currently filming the new season and were only recently hanging out in the hallowed turf of Turner's Cross:
That's some mic biy!!

The action is underway at Turner's Cross. pic.twitter.com/erf0zO8ocu
— Andrew Horgan (@AndrewHorgan) July 8, 2019

Here's some classic Barry cock blocking!

dump your idiot boyfriend this father's day #TheYoungOffenders pic.twitter.com/2H5O0uAXFR
— BBC Three (@bbcthree) June 16, 2019

If you're a feen or a beour and fancy being a part of season two...Just send your name, address and phone number to extrastyo@gmail.com
Muireann also spoke to Kieran who was an extra in a movie directed by RON HOWARD.
However, he nearly got thrown off set for continually singing the 'Happy Day's theme at Ron while he was directing...it only added to the weirdness that a big-bearded Kieran was dressed like Jesus at the time!
Click the play button above to hear the whole chat.
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