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This Guy Rides Roller Coasters Nude For The Craic!

He got his first ride when he was only ten and has since been addicted to roller-coasters.
Since then he's had 1,200 rides (not all naked!)
David Ellis is an Accountant by day but a Nude Rollercoaster Rider at night! Unlike Superman he takes his clothes off and there's nothing underneath.
It's been up and down and side to side but he is a five-time Guinness World Record Holder for his naked exploits and he told Muireann all about it.
He's even featured in The Guardian:

The most important question of course being,
"What's the craic with bum sweat!?"
[audio mp3="https://media.radiocms.net/uploads/2019/05/13133233/ROLLERCOASTER-NUDE-GUY.mp3"][/audio]
Here's David and the rest of his naked crew breaking the record for most naked people on a roller-coaster.
They recently shivered their way into the Guinness Book Of Records by getting 195 naked bodies on to the Grand National wooden roller coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England.
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