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Muscle Intelligence Podcast

The 14 Reasons Why You're Not Building Muscle #258

"I'm not working hard enough," or "my nutrition is poor" are often the most common reasons I hear men over 35 cite to explain poor results around building muscle.

I recorded this solocast because, even though one or both of the above statements may be true, after decades of experience I can tell you that it's almost always something else - and it's probably not what you'd expect...

The reason you're not building muscle is more likely to be that you're NOT fit enough in the first place, to actually transform your body. That's what we get into on this episode.

You'll learn:

  • The 10 Specific Hormones that Significantly Impact Your Physique
  • The MOST Common Obstacle that Men Over 40 Face
  • 3 BIG (But Simple) Factors to Manage Stress Long-term
  • The ONE Mindset Shift that Makes Goal Achievement Exponentially Easier
  • The #1 Tool to Improve Your Focus and Drive

Be a remarkable resource for someone by sharing it with another man over 35 - community makes us stronger, and at Muscle Intelligence, we're all here to lift one another up. Plus, get your FREE copy of the episode guide, with full episode details, actionable tools, and interventions.

Access my upcoming webinars here, and our private Muscle Intelligence Community here.

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Muscle Intelligence Podcast


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