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Navigating Your 20s with Lethu

How to stop procrastinating and start being productive

This week's episode is about identifying some root causes of procrastination, and finding ways to beat it, in order to start getting things done! I also share some habits I've implemented into my daily routine which have helped me, and can hopefully help you too, with being more productive. If you enjoyed this episode and gained something from it, I'd appreciate it if you'd support this podcast by leaving a positive review on iTunes and sharing it on your socials. Please make sure to tag me on Instagram @navigatingyour20s_withlethu or @lethucele_. My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxUIRv3Wo5MuCqUBcukiyA Thank you ❤️ Love & Light ✨
Navigating Your 20s with Lethu


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