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No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

Republicans pull disastrous stunt in the House

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

House Republicans pass one of their first bills as they melt down over gas prices coming down. Brian interviews Congressman Ruben Gallego about his announcement that he’s running for Kyrsten Sinema’s seat in the US Senate, how to deal with a 3-way race that may hand the whole thing to Republicans, and the threat that someone like Kari Lake would pose if she takes the Republican nomination. And Democratic communications strategist and former senior advisor to Julián Castro, Sawyer Hackett, joins to discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene vying for Trump’s VP slot, his thoughts on DeSantis going all in on culture wars from a strategists’ perspective, and the GOP’s endgame with their threats to hold the debt ceiling hostage.

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Written by Brian Tyler Cohen

Produced by Sam Graber

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

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No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
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