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Vodka Sommelier Bullshit with Katie Barnes

Normal Gossip
Normal Gossip

We are BACK for our fifth season! Get ready for 10 episodes of drama, scandal, and pettiness. This week, sports journalist Katie Barnes joins us for a story that brings us back to our high school days.

Buy Katie's book, Fair Play: How Sports Shape the Gender Debates, and follow them on Twitter @katie_barnes3.

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Episode transcript here.

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Normal Gossip is hosted by Kelsey McKinney (@mckinneykelsey) and produced by Alex Sujong Laughlin (@alexlaughs). Jae Towle Vieira (@jaetowlevieira) is our associate producer. Abigail Segel (@AbigailSegel) is our intern. Justin Ellis is Defector's projects editor.

Credits read by Jennie Vildzius.

Show art by Tara Jacoby.

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