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On a Mission Podcast

Awakening to the Truth: David ”Avocado” Wolfe’s Journey to Red Pill Enlightenment

On a Mission Podcast
On a Mission Podcast

In a truly eye-opening conversation that may well change the way you see the world forever, I welcome guest David “Avocado” Wolfe, a renowned health expert and advocate for natural medicine.

David shares his experiences of traveling the world during the pandemic and his passion for educating people about the problems of Western medicine. He discusses his early awakening to the corrupt nature of the medical industry. David also delves into the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the importance of nutrition in medicine. The conversation touches on topics such as the suppression of alternative medicine, the power of nature, and the need for discernment in navigating conspiracy theories.


"I've known the problems with the vaccine since I was seven years old."

"This COVID thing is one of those things. It's a tragedy, and out of it arises a better path, a new way of looking at things."

"I'm not a believer, for example, that Paul McCartney died, and it's really Billy Shears who's been in that seat since 1966."

"People are waking up step by step, and it's never an overnight thing. But it's happening, and that's a very promising thing."

"I do understand why people are almost purposefully burying their heads in the sand because the alternative is a bit too hard to imagine for people."


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On a Mission Podcast
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