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On a Mission Podcast

How To Unlock Lifelong Health – with Dale Pinnock

On a Mission Podcast
On a Mission Podcast

This week, I am on a mission with Dale Pinnock, a world-class nutrition expert. Dale, who is a best-selling author and celebrity chef, joins me to discuss his eventful life and his journey into the world of nutrition. From TV presenting to singing with the Backstreet Boys, Dale has some incredible stories to share.

During our conversation, Dale opens up about the highs and lows he has experienced, as well as the challenges he has faced. He candidly shares how he navigated through the dark times and provides valuable insights into the conflicting information in the health and wellness industry. Together, we explore the foundations for sustainable change.

Dale's passion is truly contagious! You can't help but be inspired by his genuine love for nutrition and helping others.

BEST MOMENT "One treat meal a week is going to absolutely bugger all negative to your health. If it's three meals a day, seven days a week, that's a very, very different situation."

"Kids only regard as a treat what we tell them is a treat. Now they think a treat is, oh, let's cook together as a family and make this southern fried chicken. And they absolutely love it."

"It's a funny thing though, isn't it, as parents that we truly believe that we are doing everything we can for our kids and so many of us, like I say myself included, just to reiterate that point, this isn't me preaching, it's people."

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On a Mission Podcast
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