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On The Scent

New Scent Excitement, Dupes & Perfume Prescriptions

On The Scent
On The Scent
With @outspokenbeautynicola now back from her holidays, she and @fragrantmaven are reunified in this first episode of a brand new season. THREE! Can you believe it?!

Amidst frantic catch-ups, there’s a frenzy of excitement over new fragrances, and a debate about dupes (continued from Suzy’s guest appearance on Radio 4s You & Yours programme).

Plus, there’s Perfume Prescriptions for listeners looking for a really long-lasting scent, a fragrance to aid meditation, and a mother desperately trying to prise their kid away from their best (expensive!) perfume!

We discuss…
@whind Néroli Bronzé
@jomalonelondon English Pear & Sweet Pea
@lordsfragrancehouse Big Sur candle
@avon_uk Far Away Beyond the Moon
@tomfordbeauty Neroli Portofino
@nuxe_uk Aftersun
@thameenfragrance Fanfare
@chanel.beauty Mademoiselle EDP
@chanel.beauty Le Lion
@ilapothecary Speak Your Truth
@ilapothecary Beat the Blues
@ruthmastenbroekperfume Dagian
@thameenfragrance Fanfare
@paul_schutze Tears of Eros
@marcantoinebarrois Ganymede
@marcantoinebarrois Encelade
@e11venfrageance (now at @spacenk)
@nancymeilandparfums GAIA attar
@veroniquegabai Aroma Soul
@experimentalperfumeclub Tonka Sesame
Aroma Labs Cold Pressed Sesame Oil £5.90 for 100ml (available on Amazon) perhaps to try using as a body oil & layering other fragrances if they like?

On The Scent
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