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Outrage + Optimism

Ice Down the Spine and Courage in the Heart

Outrage + Optimism
Outrage + Optimism

This week, the team talk positive tipping points, grapple with the comms coming out of the pre-COP meets and send our tributes to dearly loved colleagues who have recently passed.

With pre COP 28 meetings currently taking place, the host team discuss the mixed messaging that is currently making headlines and anticipate what this might mean for how the future of fossil fuels will appear in the final text at COP 28.

Tim Lenton, the founding Director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter and Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science is our guest this week, and with Tom unable to make the interview, our brilliant colleague from Global Optimism, Freya Newman, joins Christiana and Paul to interview her former professor. With negative tipping points racing along their own ‘S curve’, the team ask Tim Lenton whether there are signs that the positive tipping points can win this race and avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis (pssst, the answer is it looks very, very possible).

Music this week comes from Jemima Coulter with their beautiful song ‘[flowers]’.



Professor Tim Lenton, Founding Director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter and Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science

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Here is the website on Global Tipping points where you can find resources and info on all that Tim and the team discuss. Spread the word!




We are all very saddened by the news of the death of Pete Betts, a former guest on Outrage + Optimism and an all round incredible human being. Please check out the episode here,

to hear the man himself and his lifetime dedication to working for a better, fairer sustainable future.


As mentioned by Tom here is one of the first O+O episodes recorded and it is one worth revisiting to hear the exchange between Christiana and David as they talk about the Garden of Eden and Garden of Intention. Truly worth a revisit.


Jemima Coulter

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‘An Invitation to Sit Together For Peace’

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