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Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

MTV Music Video Week - Steve Barron (legendary music video director) full length interview

This is Music Video Week and I am dropping three interviews in one week. All world-famous video directors. Geniuses who changed the world of MTV.

As someone who was a host on MTV Europe in its heyday, these are directors who changed our world.

First up! Steve Barron

Music Video Director of 80s Icons Director of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean', A-ha's 'Take on Me', Dire Straits 'Money for Nothing', and of Madonna's first video, 'Burning Up', Steve Barron was one of the shapers of 1980s music video.

In this uncut version of the podcast, Steve tells his story of learning his craft on the job and almost getting fired when working with David Puttnam and Prince Charles. His inside stories of Morten Harket, Madonna, and Michael Jackson are fascinating, and he gives his insights into MTV, the first video on MTV Europe from Dire Straits that he directed, and how that channel became pop cultural phenomenon.

If you are interested, once you have listened to the podcast, to read more about Steve, he has written a book on his experiences during the 1980s which can be bought here;


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Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame


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