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See You In Your Nightmares

Zombie Munch

The Blossom zombies feast. Can Harper harness her power to rescue The Knights from a desert wasteland nightmare? EINHORN'S EPIC PRODUCTIONS & iHEARTRADIO PRESENT: SEE YOU IN YOUR NIGHTMARES Created and Executive Produced by Heather Einhorn and Adam Staffaroni Executive Produced by: iHeartRadio Head Writer: Ren Dara Santiago Writers: Lynn Bixenspan, Kayla Brooks, Morgan Pielli, and Adam Staffaroni Directed by Jordana Williams With Performances By: Rachel Oremland as Harper Hart Obi Abili as Alfie Phil Buckman as Finn Amber Lee Connors as Callie Giselle Fernandez as Esme Judy Alice Lee as Julia Robert Leng as The Smiling Man & The Caretaker/Kai Marwan Salama as Chris With Stephanie Willing as Blossom And Keri Tombazian as Dr. Faith Carter Additional Voices: Gayle Artino, Maxwell Siegel Post Sound & Music by: Chapter Four Sound Supervision and Sound Design by: Sarah Gibble-Laska Music by: Karim Douaidy Produced by: Aroop Sanakkayala Development Executive: Greg Lockard Development Writer: Genevieve Valentine Production Manager: Gayle Artino Production Coordinator & Script Supervisor: Laura Martin Operations: Laura Kaufmann Marketing & Publicity: Jesse Post Digital Marketing: Jennifer Gennaro Creative Direction and Design by Ryan McCann Key Art & Promotional Art illustrated by Yejin Park Special Thank You To The Shadow Unicorn Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com
See You In Your Nightmares


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