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Small Town Murder

The Open Marriage Blues - Niantic, Connecticut

Small Town Murder
Small Town Murder

This week, in Niantic, Connecticut, a swinging couple leads a very normal life, to the outside world, but definitely gets freaky on the weekends. While the husband is away on a fishing trip, the wife is horribly murdered, leaving a dark, nasty crime scene. The case goes cold until some new evidence comes to light, leading police to use some shaky science to try to figure out how the husband could maybe have been in two places at once!

Along the way, we find out that we don't want to eat scallops out of a river, that just seeing a movie, doesn't mean that you'll automatically reenact the plot, and that small air conditioners definitely can't make a room 40 degrees!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

New episodes every Thursday!

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Small Town Murder
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