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Small Town Murder

The Rantings Of A Serial Killer - Clarksburg, West Virginia

Small Town Murder
Small Town Murder

This week, in Clarksburg, West Virginia, police receive several letters, and a 2 hour audio tape, from what appears to be a serial killer. He claims at least 6 murders, and several fires, and police start to put together that he may be telling the truth. This is confirmed, when bodies are found in different locations. But is he lying about some other murders, or is he actually hiding even more? A wild story, directly from the mouth of a serial killer that would have left anyone who listened, a bit disturbed!!

Along the way, we find out that Italians used to live in West Virginia, that people sound a lot more dumb, when they misuse big words, and that no matter how much you dig, you might not find all the bodies!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

New episodes every Thursday!

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Small Town Murder
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