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Spirit School

Spirit School

Spirit School

Om Spirit School

Mediumship, Intuitive and Spiritual Development made accessible and authentic!

Since 2018 Danielle Searancke, the Squamish Medium, has been podcasting the raw, real an authentic journey of a developing Spiritual Medium. An indigenous mother of 2, this mountain mama holds nothing back as she shares vulnerably and honestly the ups and downs, the lessons and wisdom from 10+ years on the Mediumship and Spiritual Development Path!

Trusted by many around the world as a mentor to their own spiritual unfolding, Danielle has grown from Mediumship sessions at her kitchen table in 2013, to Spirit School - a podcast turned online school, flourishing to a physical School on the Squamish Waterfront in 2024 - with a passion for mentoring the upcoming healers in a wholistic way.

Grab a cup of tea, maybe a story will resonate and have teachings within it you need to hear at this moment

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