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Episode 10


It's the final episode of the series. The truth about Operation Pot Roast is revealed, as a recording of Detective Nicely (Louis Theroux) preparing to confront Police Chief Rittenberger (Michael McKean) is unearthed. There's a prison break. There's a casino heist. There's an armed stand off with the cops. There are ice cream sandwiches. Basically, there's a lot going on.

A true(ish) crime podcast, which sees undercover cop Pat Springleaf (James Acaster) share police wire recordings from the biggest case of his career: working to infiltrate and bring to justice the notorious SW6 gang.

Back in 2013, ex-conman-turned-undercover-cop Pat was in the middle of a career-defining undercover gig - but problems beset him on all sides: the gang are getting suspicious; his wife wants a divorce; the police are demanding results; and his ex partner in crime is blackmailing him. Not an ideal situation for someone with a burning need to please absolutely everybody. In 2023, meanwhile, Pat and his producer Adams play clips to studio guests as they unpack the criminal hijinks that launched the career of the man now reasonably widely-known as James Acaster.


Chloe Petts - Nance

Domhnall Gleeson - Lawrence

Evelyn Mok - herself

Freya Parker - Warden

Hugh Dennis - himself

Jack De'ath - Cop

Jake Ashton - Prisoner

Jason Forbes - Casino Employee

Kath Hughes - Detective Adams

Kemah Bob - Donna

Louis Theroux - Detective Nicely

Michael McKean - Chief Rittenberger

Mike Wozniak - Ring Binder Factory Tour Narrator

Natalie Cassidy - Janet

Nathaniel Metcalfe - Huey

Nish Kumar - himself

Pat Cahill - Reg

Phil Dunning - Declan

Phil Wang - Detective Clarke Burbridge

Sharon D Clarke - Police Chief Angela

Sindhu Vee - Sita

with studio guest Guz Khan

Extra jokes by Celya AB, Jen Ives, Ken Cheng, Matthew Crosby, Rose Johnson and Toussaint Douglass

Original Music by NNAMDÏ

Sound design by Charlie Brandon King

Assistant Producers - Katie Sayer and Mikaela Carmichael

Produced by Lyndsay Fenner

A Mighty Bunny Production

www.springleafpodcast.com / www.mightybunny.co.uk

Merch? Merch! https://springleaf.teemill.com/

Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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