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The Covid 'emergency' is over, but long covid isn't going anywhere

The Big Story
The Big Story

Last week, the World Health Organization announced that Covid-19 was no longer a "global health emergency"—a declaration that can be seen as either a hopeful sign or dangerously naive. But while many people have gone "back to normal" or "learned to live" with the virus, the search for understand of long covid continues.

We've learned much about the condition in the past three years—but not enough to know how it happens, or how to stop it. And as covid continues to circulate, there will be more and more long covid cases in the years to come. So who gets it? What can we do to treat it? What do we know and what's still a mystery? And how hard is it just to agree on a definition of what it is?

GUEST: Dr. Kieran Quinn, long covid researcher and assistant professor, University of Toronto; general internist and palliative care physician, Sinai Health System

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