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The Corona Diaries

Chapter 122. It sounded like he had a church organ in his trousers.

We nearly got underway on Wednesday, but in the end problems with mi plug-ins just kept coming in Waves and we had to reconvene on Thursday. At times there's no Logic, and you have to take a deep breath and re-group.

Although we started a little late on Thursday it looked more promising, only to stall before we got out of second gear.

But then, when all seemed lost, a miracle of sorts. The stars aligned, the wi-fi signal stabilised and somebody in Cafe Viena decided to clear the tables.

This was possibly the closest we have been to ‘epic fail’ and we have to apologise because at times you can hear we were trying to push the tech uphill in a handcart.

But it definitely has a vibe, though not quite as impressive as the selection I stumbled upon in the ladies loos in Middlesborough. 



The Corona Diaries


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