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The Corona Diaries

Chapter 124. Turns out Lord B had it wrong all along.

If you are a regular then you will have heard me mention Lord B. He was the press guy who used to make the special rabbit drawings in an attempt to get me to stop rambling in interviews.

It dawned on me whilst we were recording 124 that, in fact, he had got it all wrong.

Take the chapter you are about to listen to. The idea was to continue discussing the Dry Land album. We had covered the first four tracks last week, so in theory we should comfortably have got through the remaining six.

Just over half an hour in and Ant is still trying to get some sort of explanation of how the lyrics to the song India have anything to do with living in Slough. Thirty one minutes of digression, distraction, repetition, name-dropping and unintentional obfuscation.

In short, The GOLD. ...er I mean The Corona Diaries



ps enjoy wherever Puffin' Billy takes you.

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The Corona Diaries


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