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Rest in God's Presence and Dwell in His Love with Vera Schmid


You are eternally loved. This episode is here to remind you that God's presence and grace is in the air.
Breath that goodness in!

Inside the episode, you'll find the following topics:

  • The difference of living your life by your personal will and the Divine will.
  • Dwell in the Presence of God's Love here and now.
  • Allowing yourself to stop the rat race of trying to do it all by your own: health, finances, business etc.
  • How to awaken the template of the Eternal Living Light within
  • Vera's personal testimony how her body and state of relaxation in body changed after entering the Kingdom Consciousness
  • ... and more!

Connect with Vera:

YOUTUBE: The Essence with Vera Schmid

IG: @veraschmid_
FB: @Vera Schmid

Book a discovery call: Book here

Webpage: www.michaelandevera.com
Email: vera@michaelandvera.com

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