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Through a relaxed nervous system to exponential growth and enormous trust with Olivia Marie


Through this amazing episode with a co-creator and a sister of mine, Olivia Marie (Liv) you’ll be able to tap into a frequency of massive trust and courage.

Liv is a 7-figure mentor who helps you use your nervous system and the energetics to scale and create a relaxed business, while building wealth. 

Inside this episode, you’ll find us talking about:

  •  What does a stable nervous system look like.
  •  What it means to root in yourself.
  •  Olivia's experience of stabilizing her nervous system for healthy way of living and leading a 7-figure business.
  • So much embodied wisdom from Olivia's life journey and how she grew to be a courageous leader on this planet.
  • + so much more goodness!! Wow. 

Connect with Vera:

>> The Living Light Broadcast Channel

YOUTUBE: The Essence with Vera Schmid

IG: @veraschmid_
FB: @Vera Schmid

Contact Vera: HERE
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Webpage: www.michaelandevera.com


Connect with Liv:

IG: @keepupwithliv
Podcast: The Liv Well Podcast

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