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The Game Football Podcast

Arsenal for the title? Spurs for fourth? But what is Scott McTominay?

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

For fifteen minutes it seemed Arsenal were the complete team, but was that down to West Ham’s passivity? What does the result from the London Stadium mean for both teams - are Arsenal now back in the title race, if they were ever out of it; and for West Ham is a contract for David Moyes more or less likely?

The result at Spurs was not reflective of an end to end encounter. Brighton refuse to take a backward step and Spurs now have all their players available again.

After the break, what/who is Scot McTominay? A six, an eight, a ten or a throwback. The team try to figure it out. He helped Utd to a key win. Villa lost, but played well.

Finally, Gregor went to meet Luton forward Elijah Adebayo but he was an unlucky omen for a great lad. Oh and Alyson is getting excited about Xabi Alonso…


West Ham v Arsenal

4’ Hard for arsenal to win a title with some many London derbies to negotiate. West Ham have a good record against Arsenal.

6’ Trossard was superb. 15 min spell with four goals. They had everything for that spell. Pace, power, grace, intelligence.

9’ Arsenal were in control, they made it a technical contest. Last season it felt like it got tense and emotional.

10’ the asterix is West Ham are all at sea.

11’ Gregor thought West Ham were passive.

13’ easy to extrapolate too much from games like this. Just one win.

16’ West Ham fans might have seen this performance coming. Team set up on the back foot.

17’ West Ham have some good players, could do something under a more progressive coach. 

Tottenham v Brighton

20’ to teams better at pressing than playing out from the back. Repeatedly stealing the ball off each other in the final third.

21’ It came down to both teams not quite having the quality in the final third, Son made the difference. The quality makes the difference in those fine margins.

23’ it was all about Son, it felt like he had been away for a year.

24’ Spurs are looking good, they’ve got all their options back for the first time under Postecoglou

26’ Spurs need more out wide if they are going to progress to the next level.

27’ Brighton missing the cutting edge up front. But still doing remarkably well with the resources they have and the type of football they play.

28’ Brighton - Playing above themselves, brilliant to watch and a clear style of play.

Scott McTominay and Villa v Utd

31’ Jack of all trades or will he be a 8 or a 10? Always looked like he would be a destroyer rather than a goal scorer.

32’ for all his appearances and goals he still won’t be a starter.

34’ Its not definitive that he can’t start. 

35’ Any parallels with John McGinn at Villa, not quite a centre mid or a ten?

36’ Are their good players being phased out who can’t do what the modern creative/pressing era requires.

38’ This is Utd from last season, grabbing wins they shouldn’t whilst not playing very well. But still amassing the points.

40’ Villa have had a dip, but yesterday they played well and felt they were unlucky not to win.

41’ Utd now seem better placed to finish top four than Villa…But spurs look good.

Luton v Sheff Utd

43’ Spent a long time at Fulham without playing for the first team. Appreciates where he is now.

44’ The energy at Luton comes from players who have had to fight to play top level football.

47’ Sheff Utd were fearless. Didn’t come for a draw. 


48’ Leverkusen deserved their great win against Munich. Poor Harry Kane looks like he might not win a title.

50’ some of Leverkusen’s patterns of play were amazing. 

52’ Alonso is nothing like Klopp, that could be a really good thing. IF he goes to Liverpool.

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The Game Football Podcast
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