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The Game Football Podcast

Gunners misfire, replay rows and free pints

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Gregor Robertson, Alyson Rudd and Martin Hardy join Tom Clarke to discuss why Arsenal are stumbling, who paid for the Newcastle beers and if we should re-record the whole podcast.

First up Arsenal’s blunt strike force, do they have the answer or do they need to buy. A character building win for Liverpool, but do either team have enough to trouble Man City in the league.

Martin Hardy reflects on an important result for Newcastle and Eddie Howe, and the difference a weeks rest made. For Sunderland it was a week to forget.

Finally, to replay or not to replay? It depends on who you ask, Gregor has little sympathy for elite teams setting the agenda for all of the football pyramid.


Arsenal v Liverpool

2’ Are wheels coming off Arsenal. Arteta has referenced a mental block around scoring.

4’ Arsenal should have bought a top class forward. Their current strikers are not top class.

5’ Are there as many top class forwards in the premier league now?

6’ Havertz a box crasher.

8’ Should Arteta be speaking out? Where will goals come from?

9’ Liverpool looked good. Still lacked a clinical edge though, but more resilience.

11’ Liverpool are a different side second half in most games. So many goals after 75mins.

13’ Both teams good, but are either good enough to finish above Man City?

14’ Nunez a handful but will he win you a title?

Wear Tyne derby

16’ crazy derby stories, ghosts, Di Canio, horses and graffiti.

19’ Sunderland were not ready for the occasion.

21’ Odd tactical choice by Michael Beale.

22’ Newcastle looked like they had had a weeks rest

24’ Why play out from the back against a team who love to press.

25’ Tripper looked back. Springboard for the rest of the season, injuries returning.

27’ Very important win for Eddie howe and Newcastle.

Weekend highlights

31’ Maidstone, penalty saves, away followings and Patrick Bamford’s worldie.


35’ Good idea of not?

36’ Removal of a replay might create teams who play for penalties. It used to be three replay’s

37’ Replay’s look likely to be dropped.

40’ We shouldn’t be changing the calendar for 16 elite teams.

42’ Replays are great for teams seeking revenue and hope. They’re not for big teams seeking a break.

43’ The problem highlights the vast financial differences between all the levels of football.

48’ Given the money on offer for one extra point in the premier league, do cups matter anymore?

50’ “Domestic football should not be shaped in the image of 6 to 8 rich elite owners.”


53’ Where should Henderson or Mbappe go?


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The Game Football Podcast
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