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The Game Football Podcast

Points deductions, Toney's point to prove and what's the point of José Mourinho?

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Tom Clarke is joined by Martin Samuel, Gregor Robertson and Jonathan Northcroft to discuss Premier League punishments, Ivan Toney's return and Jose Mourinho's Roma sacking. 

With Everton and Nottingham Forest facing potential points deductions (Everton for the second time this season), the panel assess the rules and debate whether the possible punishments are justified. 

Ivan Toney could make his footballing return on Saturday. So, what's he been up to for the last 10 months? 

Plus, José Mourinho's made a teary-eyed exit after being sacked as Roma's manager. What comes next, only José knows. 

Points deductions for Everton and Forest?

3' Are profit and sustainability rules fit for purpose? 

6' Are the punishments too harsh? 

12' Have Nottingham Forest been careless in their spending?

15' Should we have sympathy for the clubs who have complied with the rules?

18' Is it a problem for football that very rich men chase a dream in football?

19' How do we keep competitive balance without such rules? 

21' Why haven't clubs outside the big six voted to get rid of the rules? 

26' What about how long these investigations are taking? 

28' Solutions? An independent regulator? More power for the Football League/Premier League? 

Ivan Toney:

41' What has Ivan Toney been up to since his ban came in? 

45' Is Toney the second best striker in the Premier League?

46' What do Brentford do? Keep, sell or something else? 

48' Is he in good contention for the England Euros squad?

Jose Mourinho:

52' Where are we at with Jose Mourinho now?

55' Has modern football passed Mourinho by?

59' Does he need to rebrand?

61' What about an international job? Or Saudi Arabia?

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The Game Football Podcast
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