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The Game Football Podcast

Sin bin's and the celebration police

The Game Football Podcast
The Game Football Podcast

Are sin bins a good idea? It looks increasingly likely that they will be trialled in specific games/competitions next season. Tom, Martin, Gregor and Tony discuss the pros and cons of sinbins and other IFAB proposed rule changes.

Chelsea confounded the critics with a five star display at Villa park, but can they reproduce it?

While Chelsea celebrate the team move on to discuss

how, where and when one should celebrate. FYI, its not in front of the Millwall

fans when you’ve just scored against them. 

Finally, Jesse Lingard is off the South Korea…




Chelsea and Villa

5’ how do you predict football. Convincing performance, but off the back of Wolves and Liverpool performances.

7’ young players will have good nights, but its about consistency.

9’ Jackson’s confidence will rise from playing wide and contributing.

10’ A drop in standards from Villa.

11’ Early goals made all the difference.


14’ I’m not the celebration police, but keep your trousers on. Play nice.

16’ Tony and his limo. Jibes about players wages on the pitch.

18’ Carful how you mock…what goes around…

22’ Its part of the game. Gregor would love to have someone like Maupay in his team, winding up the opposition is part of the celebration.

27’ The dentists chair was a classic orchestrated celebration

29’ the plans that go into each game. High fiving defenders for a clearance.

32’ We’ve turned into the celebration police.

38’ Tony celebrated against his former clubs…

Cooling off

38’ the self pass is a good rule, one used in rugby and hockey. That would cut out decent.

38’ The cooling off period wouldn’t achieve that. 

40’ there are easier things to do which don’t alter the structure of the game.

41’ The laws need to be simplified, not complicated.

43’ All seem in favour of a Sin bin

46’ Are we setting unrealistic targets for perfection in the running and ruling of football.

50’ the penalty spot is the perfect example of the madness at IFAB…by trying to improve it they make it worse.


Jesse Lingard


53’ Korean culture doesn’t need Lingard. He might need it though.

55’ It’s a shame, he’s a better player than south Korean league.

56’ He might regret not taking the offers on the table

58’ did he choose money over a good football choice.

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The Game Football Podcast
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