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The High Performance Podcast

E174 - Stef Reid: You can’t always change the world, but you can always change yourself

The High Performance Podcast
The High Performance Podcast

Stef Reid is a track and field Paralympian, who competes for Team GB. She is a World Champion, four-time Paralympian, triple Paralympic medallist, and five-time world record holder. Stef has a degree in biochemistry, and recently starred in the British reality TV show Dancing On Ice 2022.

In this episode she shares the story of the boating accident that caused the loss of her foot as a teenager and the struggle that followed. After her accident Stef struggled with a change in identity, feeling like her only identity was being an athlete she worried there was nothing more she could offer. Opening up about what helped her through this difficult time, Stef discusses the importance of allowing others to help you and welcoming team-work. 

Having had a series of coaches, with varying methods, Stef shares what she looks for in a coach and how she learns from them. Rather than asking questions, for Stef, the learning comes from watching. The things that set people apart are the way they handle the mundane aspects of life…

They delve into imposter syndrome, self-doubt and embracing failure.

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The High Performance Podcast
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