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The MeatEater Podcast

Ep. 303: All Up In Your Airspace


Steven Rinella talks with Papa Janis, Nephi Cole, Dave Willms, Phil Taylor, and Janis Putelis. 

Topics discussed: Papa Janis praises Jani for being a good dad; lobbyists; explaining the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation; the death of Otto Schneeloch's parents and the life of his triangular shaped bullet idea; who's got Steve's old Winchester Model 94?; shooting sports injuries on par with that of billiards; the number one rule of safe gun handling; how you can bid on Pete Alonso's signed bat, VIP tickets to Trampled By Turtles, skin real estate on Spencer, Seth, and Chester's arms, Steve's speargun, Corinne's handmade squirrel jewelry, a tour at Doug Duren's farm, plus Buckman Juice, and other prized items at MeatEater's House of Oddities Auction; a corner crossing court case in Wyoming; should MeatEater's Access Initiative funds go toward step ladder apparatuses that enable hunters to cross corners?; the public domain of air space and the airspace above water; how there's no law in the books that expressly prohibits or allows corner crossing; how revisiting fence lines opens up a big 'ole cans of worms; when cows and bulls get it on through a fence; Alec Baldwin and the tragedy of what happened on the set of "Rust"; talking firearm safety with your kids; exactly why you can't find ammo in the store; the infrastructure bill; funding to Pittman-Robertson; delisting wolves to relist wolves; Your Mountain Podcast; and more.

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