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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

Anna Richardson

The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan
The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan

TW: There are references to pregnancy loss and infertility in this episode.

Presenter, producer, and journalist, Anna Richardson, joins Gabby this week to talk about everything from returning to education in your 50’s, to the lonely road of infertility; from how difficult yet vital it is to speak truth to power, to what a memory palace is! Beauty guru Nadine Baggott is also back with lots of beauty tips for our midlife skin, including what neck cream you really need - the answer might surprise you!

For more anecdotes and wisdom from Anna, check out her podcast It Can't Just Be Me.

Here are some useful links to products Nadine recommends in this episode:

Retinal Serum, Geek and Gorgeous

Retinal Intensive Cream, Avène (USA)

The Crystal Retinal Family, Medik8

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The Mid•Point with Gabby Logan
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