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The Quicky

“It's Terrifying”: How Trans People Feel After Those Rallies

The Quicky
The Quicky

We've been hearing a lot about anti trans rallies happening around the country this week.

A British Women's Rights activist has been holding speaking engagements outside Parliament Houses, attracting groups aligned with the material she's sharing. In Melbourne, Neo-Nazi's showed up and shared the space with a local Liberal MP.

So who is this activist? Are her words about spreading hate? Or does she really want to make spaces safer for women?

In this episode of The Quicky we speak to trans non-binary activist and Deni Todorovič about how they feel being at the centre of an anti trans storm.

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Host: Claire Murphy

With thanks to:

Deni Todorovic - Trans Non Binary, Activist, Author and Cohost of Mamamia's What Are You Wearing?

Producer: Claire Murphy

Executive Producer: Kally Borg

Audio Producer: Thom Lion

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The Quicky
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