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The Reality Of Reality TV with Fleur East

Vas J Morgan from The Only Way Is Essex


“...I can’t speak out...for fear of never working in TV again.”

Vas J Morgan is a magazine editor and activist, who made his name on the hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex. In this episode*, Vas reveals to host Fleur East, his fear of being blacklisted by the TV industry, why he felt that TOWIE portrayed him unfairly as a gay, black man, how he didn’t feel supported by the show through his darkest moments, and why it’s about time for reality show producers to start addressing representation.

You’ll also hear how his new ‘I Am Enough’ campaign is boosting self esteem and discover just how scripted reality TV actually works.

This is the Reality of Reality TV.

*This episode contains references to addiction and mental health issues

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Next episode out 11th August!