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Dealing With Dismissive Doctors? Self-Advocating With Boundaries

The Terri Cole Show
The Terri Cole Show

Have you ever left a doctor’s appointment feeling confused, dismissed, or completely misunderstood?

Do you find it challenging to communicate your preferences with medical professionals?

Or are you at a loss for how to advocate for yourself to receive adequate healthcare?

If you’ve had these experiences, this episode on creating healthy, effective boundaries with the medical community is for you. By the end, you will know the best way to prepare for a doctor’s appointment and when it might be a good time to ditch your doc.

I am passionate about medical boundaries because of my experience with a cancer diagnosis many years ago. It is at the forefront of my mind again because many of you are writing in about perimenopause and menopause and dealing with dismissive doctors.

I wanted to give you some of my hard-earned wisdom because boundaries have everything to do with this.

(Disclaimer: I am not an MD, so this information is not medical advice. I am sharing my story with you from a patient experience. Always consult your doctor.)

Read the show notes for this episode at terricole.com/502.

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The Terri Cole Show
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