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The Terri Cole Show

My Mental Wellness Journey, From Talent Agent to Psychotherapist

The Terri Cole Show
The Terri Cole Show

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I am sharing my mental wellness journey publicly for the first time.

You’ll discover why I began therapy at age 19, why I left my career as a talent agent, and how I discovered my dharma in psychotherapy.

If you have ever wondered why I am passionate about vibrant mental health or why I put out tons of free content, you will find your answer in this episode.

And if my mission aligns with your values, near the end, you’ll find an invitation to help me create a movement to make mental health information more readily accessible to others. ♥️

Read the show notes for today's episode at terricole.com/504

Sign up for the membership I mentioned in today's episode at the special founders' price of $11/month here: terricole.com/member

Plus, I'm offering a free live training starting May 16! Get more info at terricole.com/training

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The Terri Cole Show
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