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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary

Hostful: Top 10 of 2021

The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary
The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary

Well, it's that time of the year again. The final pod is here, and as is tradition, Brooke and Ben round out the year with their own Top 10 list. 

First though, Ben decides to turn the tables on Brooke and interview her for once. He digs in to some of the recurring themes of Season 8 - sobriety, health and creativity - and it's as human and messy as you might expect. 

They then get into their personal Top 10, listing their individual favourite: 

  • TV show
  • small detail
  • movie
  • new destination
  • book
  • discovery
  • album
  • new podcast
  • meal
  • experience

In a year like no other, there are some unexpected answers to be found in this episode. Enjoy! 


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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary
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