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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary

Transformation and healing with Rebecca Sullivan

Friend of the show, author, cook, founder of the Granny Skills movement and co-founder of native food company Warndu, Rebecca Sullivan, returns to the podcast for a wide-ranging, emotional, messy, human and very honest conversation (in other words - there's a content warning on this one!)

Rebecca and Brooke talk birth stories, post-natal health, navigating trauma, alcohol-free holiday drinks and being an imperfect activist, all through the lens of the past two pandemic years and living with mental illness. It sounds like a drag, but it's an incredibly important, heartfelt, hard-won conversation with plenty of laughs (and only some of them inappropriate). 

So settle in and be prepared to listen to some real talk about women's bodies, birth, transformation and healing. Enjoy!


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The Tortoise with Brooke McAlary
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