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The Unicorn Launcher: A Business Growth Story

Hiring Friends and Firing Well

In this episode, Ben agonises over whether to hire a close mate to a job which could make or break the business. Matt seems to think it's fine, but there are warnings from Joel and others in the business that he might be the wrong man to take the business forward - especially as it would leave the top of the company a pretty un-diverse place. Should Ben listen to his head and risk a friendship to do what's right for the business?

Meanwhile, Joel's developer woes are deepening, but could following Matt's advice and taking a risk on upping the pay, hiring in from abroad and loosening the job requirements to bring in someone with better all-round skill pay off?

The Unicorn Launcher is a business podcast like no other. Follow the real, raw and unfiltered lives of two Australian tech founders pulling apart and rebuilding their small company under the guidance of Silicon Valley super-coach, Matt Mochary (Coinbase, Robinhood, Reddit and more).

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The Unicorn Launcher: A Business Growth Story


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