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These Are The Days

Ep 107: Part 1: Holistic Health, Grounding, and Low-Tox Living

These Are The Days
These Are The Days

If you follow us on social media, then you know we share about the holistic changes we’ve made over the last few years – what we’ve done, why we’ve done it, and why we believe those changes matter. 💌

But more so … this is something we believe has become a necessity for holiness. ❤️ The mind, body, and spirit relationship is symbiotic. And truthfully, you are limited to the health in any one category by the health of all 3 categories 🤯

What started as a curiosity has become a lifestyle for our family, and we sharing more of that journey in this episode. From the little changes to the ones that take more time (and research), we’re moving toward a more holistic lifestyle that supports holiness.

We are going to talk through a list of simple swaps we’ve made in our home – and we do NOT want to overwhelm you. This list is not something we decided to change over in a day, it took time. So give yourself grace, take your time, do your research, and embrace whatever journey you are on when it comes to making changes towards a more holistic lifestyle ✨

In this episode we talk about:

  • How we became united + on the same page with our health (it wasn’t always that way)
  • Why holistic living has become so important to us
  • Changes we’ve made over the years

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These Are The Days
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