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These Are The Days

Ep 111: Practicing Sabbath With Little Kids

These Are The Days
These Are The Days

Why do you practice Sabbath? How do you do it with little kids? đŸ€”

If you have followed us since before we had kids, you know Sabbath is a big part of our values + something we talk about often. It’s a practice we align with + since having kids, it has evolved but the goal remains the same: to return to the present moment.

Sabbath isn’t a cool idea. It is a necessity and a natural law of reality. We need it! Yes, it is a choice, but if you want to be healthy + aligned with how God created you, you must Sabbath. ♄

In this episode we answer the biggest questions we get asked about Sabbath – why we do it, the importance of it, ways we practiced Sabbath before kids, and ways we do it now that we have little kids.

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These Are The Days
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