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These Are The Days

Ep 99: Traveling With Little Kids + Screen Time Philosophy

These Are The Days
These Are The Days

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With holidays coming up, travel may be in your future (whether in a car or on a plane), so we thought this was the perfect time to talk about traveling with little kids! 😆

For us, we value traveling enough that we didn’t want to wait until the kids were older to travel. We know that travel breaks up routine + opens our kids’ eyes to new perspectives. But we also know it is NOT easy 
 especially with little kids. There are things we have discovered over the years that have made traveling with our kids easier; not perfect, but easier. 👏

We are going to share things we’ve learned along the way – from packing, knowing what strollers and car seats to bring, mapping out daily schedules, the best time to board the plane, things we use to keep our kids entertained on the plane and SO much more.

Another big part of today’s conversation is all about screen time. We know it is a hot topic. We are not anti-screens but we have a stricter screen philosophy than most people. And we want to talk about how we integrate screen time into our travel.

So, let’s take off + get into this! ✈

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why we want our kids to travel and learn through travel experiences
  • Our travel philosophy + how our parenting style speaks into it
  • Cars vs. plan travel (hacks we do differently for each method of travel)
  • What screen time looks like when we are traveling

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These Are The Days
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