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Tom Nelson

Benny Peiser: The climate movement is shrinking | Tom Nelson Pod #171

Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson

Dr Benny Peiser is the director of the GWPF. He has written extensively on domestic and international climate policy. In 1997 he founded CCNet, the world’s leading climate policy network. A 10km-wide asteroid, Minor Planet (7107) Peiser, was named in his honour by the International Astronomical Union.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

00:59 The Changing Climate Movement

01:20 Energy Security and Realism

01:43 The Role of the U.S. in Energy Realism

03:17 China's Influence on U.S. Energy Policy

04:26 Energy Realism in the UK

04:34 The Impact of Energy Costs on European Industry

06:26 The State of Coal Power in Germany and the UK

08:07 The Future of Coal in the UK

11:32 The Impact of Anti-Hydrocarbon Protests

13:05 The Shift in Public Concerns

13:19 The History and Future of Climate Science

22:29 The Role of Fear in Environmental Movements

26:52 Predictions for the Next Climate Conference

29:33 The Green Net Zero Agenda and Its Future

29:51 The Potential of Nuclear Technology

30:18 The Crisis of Renewables and the Hope for Nuclear Renaissance

31:32 The Impossibility of a Major Country Powered Solely by Wind and Solar

32:27 The Rising Interest in Nuclear Energy in Europe

33:38 The Path from Fossil Fuels to Nuclear Energy

34:00 The Role of Natural Gas and Nuclear Energy in Load Following

37:09 The Shift in Energy Policies in European Countries

39:28 The Importance of Encouraging Proper Discourse and Debate

52:22 The Future of Heat Pumps and Electric Vehicles in the UK

56:01 The Role of Economic Development in Environmental Protection

57:07 Closing Remarks and Future Projects







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