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TRENDIFIER with Julian Dorey

đŸ€« #112 - A Secret Spot In Italy & The Big Guy Hits Me With A Surprise | Dylan McDonnell

(***TIMESTAMPS in Description below) ~ Dylan McDonnell is a real estate investor and former College Football player.


0:00 - Intro; Las Vegas when the Pandemic hit; Armin Van Buuren; Andrew Tate; UFC mentality

21:37 - Brain fog; DeShaun Watson; LeBron & Boston; Miles Bridges

44:23 - Will Mike Spear run for office?; Pelosi, Taiwan
and WWIII?; Real estate right now; New York City; Audiobooks vs. hard-copy/kindle

1:03:57 - Funny stories; The latest NJ Political Story is a MASSIVE cold case; Emotional politics

1:28:36 - Where’s Pomp and when is he coming on?; Dylan drops a surprise; Breaking Bad; The Meat Squad Days

1:48:39 - The mob; The legend of Tony Lomb; Hot spots in Italy


YouTube EPISODES & CLIPS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0A-v_DL-h76F75xik8h03Q


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TRENDIFIER with Julian Dorey


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