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W12 Podcast - QPR 🎙

S4 E10 Lets hope Marti has done his research, and lots of it.

W12 Podcast - QPR 🎙
W12 Podcast - QPR 🎙

This week on the pod the lads talk through everything about this crazy (but typical) last week in the world of QPR;

Also, in a first for the pod, breaking news of a new manager broke! Exciting times on the pod

- West Brom defeat 

- Leicester loss 

- Ins and outs of Ainsworth’s disaster reign 

- Closer look at Marti Cifuentes 

- New stadium name and convenience

- What next

- Players and board blame 

- Rotherham preview 

Well worth a listenâ€ŠđŸŽ§đŸ‘‡đŸŒ

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W12 Podcast - QPR 🎙
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