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Olivia Attwood's So Wrong It's Right

Welcome to the anti-agony aunt podcast, So Wrong It's Right - with host Olivia Attwood.

Common questions

What is Podplay?

Podplay is Bauer Media's digital podcast platform and is available at podplay.com and as an app for iPhone & Android. On Podplay you will find a large selection of popular podcasts, for example, true crime, documentaries and comedy. Listen whenever you want, wherever you want - completely free.

How much is Podplay?

Using Podplay is completely free. At Podplay you can listen to thousands of podcasts, free of charge. You can also create a free account to get access to parts of our content first and completely exclusively.

How do I start a podcast?

Got a podcast idea? At Bauer Media, you will find the experienced specialists and the right technology needed to make successful podcasts. We help you to conceptualize, record and distribute your podcast. Here you can submit your proposal!

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